Rules of the chess game

Chess is a game of the brain and other intelligent tricks. Also, many players have won gold in the game. To play chess you need to have complete concentration on the chessboard.

In chess, all the pieces have their specific moves. It is not fixed that the game ends with a checkmate, the players can also resign if they expect to lose. Also, the game can get drawn. 

There are several ethics and chess rules of all the games that should be followed by the players while playing the game. The rules were slightly changed and added in the 19th century. 

Chess rules

Chess is a game of wits and other clever tricks
  • Setup. The board has a big block of white and black color. Also, while arranging the queen is always placed on the square that matches her color. The White square should be close to the right hand of both the players. 
  • Turns. Both the players play alternatively but the white one makes the first move. You are allowed to move only one piece at a time. 
  • Movement of pawns. Pawns can only move forward. The pawn can move one space at a time and while encountering the opponent it can move diagonally. 
  • Pawn promotion. If the pawn reaches the opponents’ side then it is promoted to a bigger piece but cannot be bigger than the king. As many pawns reach the opposite end are promoted without any limitations. 
  • Conduct. The players are not allowed to use any external source for help in the games. They cannot use any notes or devices for help in the game. Because of cheating in games, the usage of phones and other electronic devices is almost banned in the room where the game is played. 
  • Time limit. Sometimes chess is played in the limit of time. In this game, the checkmate is made by keeping the time limit in mind. There are different types of time limits that are decided before starting the game. The players can make the moves within the decided limit of time. For the standard chess game, usually, the time period is set for about 40 moves in 100 minutes, also 20 moves in the next 50 minutes. 
  • Checkmate. If you put the opponent’s king in checkmate then you are considered as the winner of the game. In the whole game, both the players try to give checkmate to each other’s king. 
  • Illegal moves in the games. If there is an illegal move made by the opponent then the player can easily claim a win without making any move in the game. In this article, you will get to read about the rules of playing chess games. There are two players in the game and they both play to save their king and put a check mate to the opponent’s king. I hope you will like to read this article about the rules of the chess game.