Learn some soccer rules to understand this world-famous sports

Soccer is a famous team sport to be played in the world; it’s played with a round ball, and people stand in a line around the field. Soccer has been a world-renowned sport since 1848, and two teams of 11 players each play it. It is popularly known as football.

Soccer is famous worldwide because professionals from about 180 countries compete in this sport, including Italy, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, and France. In addition, many people love soccer because it is a game with thrill, fun, and people can enjoy it anywhere with their friends.

History Of The Football

Rules And Regulations In Football

In Europe, football was first played in England around the 1200s. In that country, it was mainly a pastime for young men at private schools and colleges. However, in 1863 soccer became an official sport when England’s Football Association formed its association and made soccer rules for matches between teams from different areas.

Soccer Field

¬†Soccer today is played on grass, natural or artificial. The field length is 100-120 yards, and the width is 50-100 yards. The end lines, which are the side boundaries, are called touchlines; the centerline, which divides the field into two halves, is called the halfway line. A designated area in front of each goal is called the penalty area. Each team defends one goal, and they attempt to shoot balls into their opponents’ goal to score points. The object of soccer is to outscore one’s opponent by scoring more points than he can. A point is scored when a player kicks or passes a ball over his opponent’s goal line between the posts, which are vertical posts on each end of the field. The team which scores more goals wins.

How Do You Score A Goal?

When a goal is scored, the scoring team is awarded one point. If the ball goes over the goal line, it must be kicked into the middle of the field by a player of either team. If the ball goes over on a penalty kick, that kick does not count toward either side’s score, but an attacking player on that side can then take another penalty kick right away. Each time a player kicks or passes the ball back to his own team’s goalkeeper, he gets another chance to score again.

A goal can be scored at any time during an offensive play, not just at the end of the offensive play.

Rules And Regulations In Football

soccer basic rules

Rules of soccer are the guidelines, regulations, and standard practices which govern the game. They explain how games are played, what counts as a foul, why players need to play it disciplined, or even how to score or stop a goal. Soccer is not an individual sport; it is played by teams of eleven players with four substitutions allowed. There are no set rules for scoring goals, but there are some general rules as follows.

  • Goals can be scored by touching the ball in any part of the field with any part of your body other than your hands or arms.
  •  If you have been penalized, you should stand next to your offended teammate until the referee blows his whistle again.
  •  If you are called for a substitution, be aware that players can only enter or exit by going through designated gates at each end of the field. For example, in front of the goal at each end is a gate called a fence.
  • To kick the ball, you push off from one foot and swing your other leg forward and then through until that foot is touching down also.
  • A yellow card is given when a player is cautioned, which means that he must remain on the field but can’t take part in the action for a few minutes.
  •   If a player commits a foul serious enough to get expelled from the game, he will receive a Red Card and be sent off immediately. In fact, you can get a red card for many things other than fouling. For example, if you pick up a Red Card, you might have been picking up your boot from out of bounds, or if your name is taken down several times for dissent, then that’s also a Red Card.

Thus the football is a competing game, and you should always play it protectively. So it becomes necessary to wear protective pieces of equipment to protect yourself from a severe injury. You just need football to start playing this sport. The fan following of this game is huge, as you can guess the craze by the fully packed stadiums in the football tournaments.