Learn more about the basketball by knowing some rules

Every individual must have heard about the game basketball. This is among the famous sport which is played in the Olympics. You can see many people playing this game in local courts or the professional club. The tournament called NBA is very famous in basketball and does have the most famous basketball players in it.

Basketball is very competitive, and one must require snatching the ball from different players to go for the basket. Thus, basketball rules and regulations were introduced to play it properly without hurting anybody. Players can also get a penalty if he plays a foul game on their opponents.

How Is Basketball Played?

Basketball Played

When the game starts, the objective is to throw the ball on the floor towards the basket. This may sound simple, but there are thousands of people playing this game on a professional level. This is very difficult because all players keep running around after hitting the ball; that’s why it is very important to know some rules and regulations before starting that game.

Every team has 24 seconds duration to make a move and score the goal. So every player has to maintain their pace while shooting for a goal. The ball can be moved only on three occasions, i.e., at half court, at full court, and a short line or traveling line, which are shown on the half court or full court while moving it from one side to another side like used in association football. A player can dribble the ball in three directions, i.e., forward, backward, and sideways. At the end of every quarter, there is 30-second overtime which will begin after the last score.

The Rules Of This Game Are As Follows

In basketball, only a total of five players can play from each team
  •  The ball can be thrown only on the floor, or it can be thrown on the space but cannot be thrown above four meters above or below legal height level. The players are allowed to dribble the ball only once in one direction, over three times forwards, over three times backward, and sideways.
  •   In basketball, only a total of five players can play from each team. They try to win the game by scoring the field scored or the basket. There is a certain arc made on the court to calculate the points of shooting. The outer line or arc depicts the three points if a player shoots from behind it. There are two more arcs for two points and one point.
  •   An assistant referee in basketball makes sure that there is no foul or rule violation happening in that game. First, the ball has to travel over the table, and then is thrown into the basket through a net that is ten centimeters long and circular. The player behind the table must keep on playing the ball with his attacking hand till it passes his side of the floor or tills it reaches into the opponent side of the court. If he changes hands, then it will be considered as traveling violation.
  • The players are not allowed to hit more than three shots from one spot of the free-throw line; if they go the fourth time, it will be considered a foul by them. The player must not hit the ball with his body because then it is considered a foul. The players cannot touch the ball above the table, and they cannot play with hands or fists.
  • The rule that all the defenders must take care of is that they cannot object to the ball trajectory while shooting. So the players shoot the ball, and the defenders cannot touch it until it takes the downward trajectory.

Things You Should Remember

  • A person should have their doctor’s permission as it will be harmful to a person suffering from the disease.
  • Do not forget to warm and properly cool down at the end of the game. This will prevent any muscle injury, and also the warm-up helps in stretching your body muscle.
  • Also, make sure you have regular water brake while playing the game for a long duration. You should carry the water bottles to the practice session to fulfill the need for water in the body.

Basketball is a fast-paced game that can help your body exercise, and for those who want to lose fat, this could be the better option to do it. Basketball helps build the endurance of an individual and overall makes the individual better disciplined in life.