Know more about badminton rules to start enjoying it

Badminton is one of the best individual player sports which are very famous in the world. This is a type of racket sport that can be played in a single or the pair both. Millions of people find this sport excellent for exercising, and many of them play this sport as fun. However, badminton is a very skillful game and needs a lot of practice if you wish to play in professional tournaments.

Badminton rules and regulations of the games are very easy to learn. Any individual can play the game; they need a set of badminton rackets and a shuttlecock.

All About Badminton And Its types of equipment

Badminton Play Area

 A badminton racket is used to strike the shuttlecock over the net. This sport has made a permanent mark in the sports field, and no one can make it go away from the world. It is very famous in Asian countries also. The shuttlecock is a critical thing in badminton sport because it is struck with a racket. The shuttlecock is very light and made of cork. It can be made out of synthetic fibers too. It has a different color on each side, and the game’s ultimate goal is to hit the other side over the net. The net is

Badminton is very famous globally, and more than 100 million people play this game every year all over the world. This game was introduced in England around 1830 by George Webb, who was on leave from India. This game was being played in some Military Clubs since then. Still, later this game got popular among the public, and soon people started to play this sport professionally.

Brief About Badminton Play Area

Badminton is played on indoor courts, which are generally made of synthetic material. It has a rectangular playing area with four short sides. The court is of size 44 feet by 17 feet rectangular. There is a net in between the court, which is 5 feet tall and stretches across the center of the court. The court consists of a service line. The player needs to stand before the service line to start the server. There are two back boundaries in the court. If the shuttle crosses the line and lands outside the playing area, then the point would be given to the opposite player.

To start playing badminton, it is necessary to have a racket and a shuttlecock. Although it is an indoor game, children can play it outside to have fun and enjoy this sport.

How To Score In A Game?

In badminton, the players try to hit the shuttlecock to make it land on their competitor’s court area. This is how one can earn a point in badminton. There are sets of twenty-one points in each game and the first player to reach the 21 point wins that particular set. To win the game, one needs to each more sets than his opponents. The number of seats can vary according to the tournament and rules in the particular country.

General Rules Of The Game

Playing badminton

Playing badminton in your home without knowing its rules will not give you much joy, and you will not enjoy this famous game in any way. But if you study its rules and play in a team, you would get a fantastic feeling when your team wins against another one.

  Players can hit the shuttle with only their racket; no hand or other body parts are allowed to touch the shuttlecock.

  • The players will lose the point if the shuttlecock lands outside of the badminton court.
  • The serving requires precision as it is mandatory to hit the shuttle from above the waist height with an underhand motion.
  •   The racket of any player cannot cross the net to the other side of the court while hitting the shuttle in a badminton game.
  • The individual cannot cross the service line while receiving the services of his opponents.
  • Badminton players can’t stop the shuttle onto their racket in the middle of the game.
  • n this game, the match referee gives the final decision of the points, and it is advised to respect every decision made by the referee.

This is a very nice sport for exercising and many people regardless of their ages participate in badminton regularly. So if you haven’t played this sport yet then you should try it as this can be the perfect sport to reduce some stress and have fun.